Welcome to the 1st Veterans Battalion

A Message from the First Veterans Battalion Sergeant Major (SMA) (1VB) BigDog

The 1st Veteran’s Battalion was born quickly following the release of America’s Army in July 2002.

We came together as a group of mature adults who wanted a mature, team-oriented playing environment. Shortly after inception, we decided on a military only organization that not only allowed for great gaming, but a great veteran’s support area. An idea was quickly formed into an organization and sense of community. What started, was one of the largest and most respected gaming units in the AAO community. We have many Beta-Testers for various games.

The 1st Veterans Battalion has adopted the same guiding principles as the U.S. Army. We have based much of our philosophy, structure and training on these core principles.

U.S. Army Values are at the core of everything our Army is and does. Your commitment to living and teaching the Army’s core values is critical to our success today and tomorrow. General Dennis J. Reimer (20 Jun 1995 – 21 Jun 1999) Former U.S. Army Chiefs of Staff

U.S. Army Values:

  • Loyalty: Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit, and other soldiers.
  • Duty: Fulfill your obligations.
  • Respect: Treat people as they should be treated.
  • Selfless-Service: Put the welfare of the nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your own.
  • Honor: Live up to all the Army values.
  • Integrity: Do what’s right, legally and morally.
  • Personal Courage: Face fear, danger, or adversity (Physical or Moral).